Galician Government Headquarters

Competition Year 2022   Architects: Diego Díaz Mosqueira Gustavo Figueira Serrano Alba Alvarez Vazquez Renders: Bump Estudio Location: Ourense, España   COUNCIL OF GALICIA IN OURENSE The proposal that is presented is not born from an architectural concept as such, but is the result of the approach of 3 main objectives:   Identity The building is conceived as an iconic element with a representative identity due to the use it houses. It aims to be a benchmark as an institutional building and at the same time present a friendly image with a scale adapted to the place where it is located.   Timber "The largest wooden building in Spain". It is about betting that the building is a national reference in the use of wood as a sustainable material when designing the structure of the building. It would therefore be the largest wooden building in the country in square meters of surface area.   Agenda 2030 The development of the project seeks to follow the objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda. The...

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Thermal Center in Bande

Competition Year 2022   Architects: Diego Díaz Mosqueira Gustavo Figueira Serrano Alba Álvarez Vázquez Renders: Bump Estudio Location: Bande, Spain   IMPLUVIUM The project comes from the concept of IMPLUVIUM, a word from Latin language that defined the characteristic central pond in Greek and Roman houses, or "domus", designed to collect rainwater, which was stored to be used in times of need. The water fell into the impluvium through a central opening in the ceiling called the compluvium, which also served to illuminate the rooms closed to this space. The proposal described here is based on a reinterpretation of this concept, adapting it to the needs, shape and environment in which it is located, with the water as the main element in that space. The reinterpretation of the impluvium takes us from a circular shape, which, in contrast to a more orthogonal scheme, gives the space greater fluidity, flexibility and naturalness when going through the different rooms. Everything happens around the impluvium. Although, apparently, the position of...

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National Packaging Research Center

Competition "WINNER" Year 2022   Architects: Diego Díaz Mosqueira Gustavo Figueira Serrano Alba Álvarez Vázquez Collaborators: SOG Design Renders: Bump Estudio Location: Calahorra, Spain   CNTE The PACKAGE, the starting point of a project that is born from a very simple idea and evolves until it reaches optimal architectural, functional, construction, and sustainability parameters. This "package" is transformed into a sustainable module that, through its repetition, gives the final shape to the building, encompassing the entire program under the same roof and seeking a clear relationship with the vegetation and nature of the environment by introducing it within it through a large central patio that functions as a link between the transversal axis, which connects the building and its surroundings, and the longitudinal axis, which connects all areas of the building. The natural light, the vegetation, the large work areas, the open spaces for social interaction, rest, and family reconciliation, the warmth of the wooden construction, and even the large green spaces in the environment that surround...

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