Refurbishment of an 8-apartment building

In construction Year 2021   Client: Private Surface: 1.430,00 m2 Architects: Diego Díaz Mosqueira Gustavo Figueira Serrano Renders: Ángel Monteoliva Location: Carballo, Spain   Refurbishment of an 8-dwelling building in Carballo It is an existing building with 8 apartments built at the end of the 90s in the urban center of Carballo. At present, the building is practically finished, with the apartments distributed, but without having the finishes. Our intervention is based on 3 actions:   REDISTRIBUTION In certain apartments, we look for a redistribution that adapts to the current needs of the client.   RECONDITIONING The reaconditioning consists of improving the energy efficiency conditions of the dwellings through an improvement in the insulation of the envelope and the efficiency of the air conditioning installations.   FINISHING The houses are redesigned with new finishing materials for flooring, vertical walls and ceilings....

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Market & mixed use building

Competition Year 2020   Architects: Diego Díaz Mosqueira Gustavo Figueira Serrano Renders: Bump Estudio Location: Sanxenxo, Spain     FLEXIBILITY AND DYNAMISM The creative process of the new market building stems from the need to create a fluid and intuitive space, taking advantage of the potential of the place where it is located. We therefore start from a volume of maximum use, marked by current urban planning regulations. The first thing will be to make a cut in the volume to give width to the alley and improve the communication between the upper street and the public space of access to the building. In this way we generate a new facade with more light and access to the interior. The second idea of ​​the project is to break the linearity of the façade by generating openings that serve to create accesses and terraces, which function as funnels of light to illuminate the central spaces of the floors, as ventilation elements and as balconies from where...

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Ciclando Carballo

Construido Year 2020   Client: Concello de Carballo Length: 2.040 meters Architects: Diego Díaz Mosqueira Gustavo Figueira Serrano Location: Carballo, Spain   Bike lane along Av. Malpica and Rúa Fábrica The Ciclando Carballo project for Senda nº4 between “Av. Malpica” and “Rúa Fábrica” seeks to improve the conditions of the bike lane that already existed in this section. The existing scheme, where the bike lane was located between the road and the car park, posed a risk to road safety for cyclists. In addition, the lane had several unconnected areas and without any type of signage that would allow users to easily identify it. Our proposal is based on a series of actions that are as follows:   ROAD REORGANIZATION The main objective of this intervention is to reorder the current hierarchy of the road, exchanging the bike lane with the parking line, so that pedestrians - bikes - cars are separated.   NEW BIKE LANE The new bike lane runs between the sidewalk and the parking lot, painted...

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