Tartu Südalinna Cultural Center (SÜKU)

Year 2023



Diego Díaz Mosqueira

Gustavo Figueira Serrano

Alba Álvarez Vázquez

Jimena González Verdía



Bump Estudio



Tartu, Estonia


Tartu Südalinna Cultural Center (SÜKU)

Analyzing the plot where the building is going to be installed, we observe that it is located in a strategic point of the city of Tartu, since it is an area of connection and communication of public spaces, green areas and representative and patrimonial buildings, all well connected through the paths of pedestrian and road streets.


The connection of the plot with the rest of the surrounding green areas is one of the strong points that we seek to enhance in the proposal. Our proposal for a green corridor that connects our building with the rest of the city has many benefits, such as the accessibility of these areas both for the citizens of Tartu and for the users of the new building that is being proposed.


The building is located in an environment very well connected to the city. It has connections through main roadways, pedestrians and cycling routes. There are also several public parking points, as well as bus and taxi stops. All this infrastructure is used and improved to make easy the arrival to the building and its surroundings in an accessible, fluid and comfortable way. In addition, we enhance the relationship of the building, and its plot, with the banks of the Emajõgi river.


Another important point, thinking about an architectural proposal, is the relationship of the plot with the representative buildings and heritage of its surroundings. In this case we find, within a radius of 10-15 minutes walking, a large number of emblematic buildings of the city of Tartu such as the City Hall, the university, an auditorium, theaters and even major shopping centers.
Our architectural and urban proposal will seek to improve the connections between these emblematic or reference buildings to facilitate their access to citizens.