EUROPAN 16. Levanger (NO)

Year 2021



Diego Díaz Mosqueira

Gustavo Figueira Serrano


Alvaro Itarte


Bump Estudio


Levanger, Norway



Sustainable Urban Development Strategy

Revealing what was already there is the core concept for the urban revitalisation of the historical town of Levanger. Revealing the existing nature, heritage, entrepreneurialism and social values; and make them work together for the sustainable future of the town in 3 complementary scales:

1 Regional-scale, connecting Levanger with its natural surroundings.

2 Urban-scale, improving mobility and public, walkable and bikeable spaces.

3 Architectural-scale, creating a new building for the promotion of culture, society and innovation.


Revealed landscape. Bring nature to the city or bring the city towards nature?

Levanger is located in an outstanding natural scene where the waters of Levangerelva river

meet Trondheimsfjorden, with unique biodiversity also seen in Eidsbotn and the farmlands along the fjords. However, the current urban development has isolated the urban space from its natural surroundings. Thus, a new walkable and cyclable promenade connects Levanger’s historical center and its nearest neighborhoods directly to its natural context. Showing the hidden natural value can embrace and leverage consciousness for the rich biodiversity and landscape.