CITIC. ICT Research centre

Year 2021



Diego Díaz Mosqueira

Gustavo Figueira Serrano


Bump Estudio


A Coruña, España


Tradition and Innovation

The proposal seeks to create a landmark in the Cidade das TIC, a recognized element in the landscape that represents the innovation of the campus through its architecture at the forefront of construction and sustainability.

Flexibility characterizes the project by providing open spaces that can be adapted to the needs that may arise. The central spaces around the atrium stand out, which have a series of meeting rooms that provide privacy, as well as rest and relaxation areas, which can also occasionally function as work spaces or meeting points.

The possibility of expanding the building in the future through two strategies is contemplated, firstly being able to incorporate part of the central space to the work areas, and if more surface is needed, the construction of a second annexed phase managed jointly with the existing building.

The new wooden construction systems are based on the interpretation of traditional methods in combination with the most advanced technology.

The commitment to timber construction elements promotes local employment, crafts, technology, forest protection and the industrialized manufacturing processes that are recently being promoted in Galicia. Likewise, the carbon footprint is reduced, optimizing the construction process, also adjusting the execution times and consequently the budget.